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Greece leaders are eyeing open space

Meaghan M. McDermott • Staff writer • December 29, 2010

GREECE — Town officials are getting ready to add 9.3 acres of land to Greece's existing inventory of open space. "This is just a fantastic parcel that's immediately adjacent to another parcel we acquired in the past," said Kathryn Firkins, town spokeswoman. "With this, we will have a contiguous open space parcel that stretches from North Greece Road to Manitou Road."

The Town Board voted earlier this month to move forward with purchasing land located just west of North Greece Road, north of Hawk's Landing. The piece would join existing town-owned acreage in the same vicinity that was purchased in 2007 and 2003 that is open for passive recreation such as walking, hiking, fishing and bird watching. There's a small parking lot off of Manitou Road that provides access.

"This particular property was highly susceptible to development because it does have access to sewers," said Firkins. "We were very interested in preserving it."

Town Board member Kirk Morris said the land would cost about $130,000. About $38,000 of that would come from Monroe County Greenspace Initiative grants, funded by tobacco settlement money. The remainder would come from Greece's recreation trust fund, a repository for fees developers pay when they build housing subdivisions or apartment complexes that do not have their own recreational facilities.

"One of the pledges I and this Town Board made in the 2009 campaign was to find ways to increase the open space in Greece for the benefit and enjoyment of our taxpayers and residents," said Morris, who represents the town's 4th Ward, where the land is located.

Greece comprises roughly 27,000 acres, and about 80 percent of that is developed. Only about 5,500 acres are undeveloped.

The town has control of about 3,000 acres of that undeveloped land, including more than 2,500 acres it rents from the state in the Braddock Bay Fish and Wildlife Manage-ment Area along Lake Ontario.

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